Influenster VoxBox: #MaxfactorDarkMagic – REVIEW

I recently received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster, to test and try out. I am always excited and happy to try new products, especially eye products. Why? Because, I always want my eyes to stand out even though I am wearing glasses. Since with no eye makeup, my eyes look pretty much tiny.

Anyways, So this VoxBox contained 3 products from MaxFactor: an eyeshadow palette, Liquid eyeliner, and *Drum-Roll* the Dark Magic Mascara.

Max Factor X-pert Waterproof Eyeliner in shade 01 Deep black.

Why do I love it so much?

  • It’s the darkest black I’ve seen so far
  • Precise lines
  • After it sets, it doesn’t budge one bit throughout the day.
  • Even if you try to add to it, it will just add on top and doesn’t ruin your original drawn line

Price: $14.34 = 21,500 LL

Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Palette Contouring Eye Shadows in 03 Rose Nudes

So this palette is both hit and miss at the same time. I enjoyed the Golden one from the previous VoxBox A LOT, and you can check my review of it on Instagram.

This one contains 8 different shades ranging from light to dark all PINKS!!! When I swatched them, they looked good but the lighter shades were a bit powdery (Not the thick grained powdery texture, but the finely milled ones). When I did a couple of eye looks with them, the light where not as pigmented as the darker ones.

TIP 1: If you swirl the brushes in, there will be a lot of FALL-OUT. So rather than doing that, go ahead and either tap into the color, or swipe downwards your brush. This way you’ll get a lot of pigment, even after you knock the excess off.

Without flash
With flash

As for the shimmery satin-feeling shadows, meaning shades 2 and 4 from the left, I did enjoy them when I applied them with my finger (didn’t try them with a brush), although I did try shade 2 as a highlighter, and it was poppingg!!!!

But other than that, I would have enjoying a neutral transition shade, because it would have been perfect. As for the price,

Price: $32.90 = 49,350 LL

It’s pretty expensive for this price, and I do believe for the price of a drugstore brand, you can get similar shades but for less price, as the Samoa Lili Palette, Catrice have great eyeshadow products as well, even Essence. So, there are alternatives to this, if you don’t want to spend over 30$ on it.

Dark Magic Mascara

This VoxBox was sent because of this mascara “to be released”. It’s claims are

Introducing the new Dark magic Mascara, a mistake-free mascara designed to offer instant dramatic volume with one stroke of its want. Experience an intensely dark lash transformation with uniform finish in mere seconds. A mascara you can trust from the moment it’s applied

If you know my love for thick, non-false extreme lashes, then this was a challenge I had to accept and try out. It’s packaging is very lucrative, very vampy, with the gold and purple. the wand is shaped as waves-of sort. Always when I try mascara out, I try it on my bare face to see how it works and it’s overall impact.

  • The wand picks up enough product for one coat, but if you do want more, you have to go in again.
  • Coated my lashes really nicely giving them a lift without the need to curl them
  • The product, it didn’t transfer to my lids (Thankfully, or I would have hated it)

TIP 2: Close your eye and slightly pull your eye from the side and push the mascara onto the lash line and wiggle it out.

Did it give me dramatic lashes from the first go?

Sadly not. It needs two coats to be applied, but it did give me long darkened natural looking lashes (If you get what I mean!).

The product, it didn’t dry out on my lashes quickly, it needed a while. That is something I’m scared of, because their will be room for mistake till it dries. But, once it dries down, the curled effect stays put throughout the day. So that’s a major PLUS.

So in the end, do I want to keep using it?

YES! So far so good. Let’s see what else might happen when I use it.

The price: I’m not sure what it is right now, but will update you as soon as I know

You can find my review on them here and you can buy them on and check out with MalakFeel22 for an additional discount (I don’t get paid if you use my code).

Until next time,

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