When to throw away your #BeautyBlender?

With the hopes that a blender should last an eternity, we don’t remember that isn’t the case. A blender is supposed to last a maximum of 3-4 months with good care. So when do you know it’s time to let it go?

1) It has been with you for more than 3+ months

3 months is usually the benchmark for throwing away blenders. But it might last a bit longer if you don’t use it everyday and take good care of it.

2) It smells

A sign that it has gone bad is if it starts smelling really bad. That’s a sign of huge amounts of bacteria living in your blender

3) It’s tearing up

If it starts tearing up and deteriorating meaning that its breaking apart, then it has done more than its share

4) Small dots are on it

This is a huge warning sign of mold. So if you see those, throw it away directly. Don’t even think about it.

5) You are breaking out for no reason and it’s not close to your period


6) Discolored even after thorough cleaning

Meaning that all products that you used have filled up your blender, especially if you use it for most of your beauty products. That is when it will dtart feeling heavy and won’t bounce as easily.

So please keep these warning signs in mind when ever you use a makeup blender

Always wash your blender after every use to prevent staining and prevent bacterial infestations in your blender
And ALWAYS ALWAYS dry your blender out in open air and don’t ever close it in it’s container if it’s damp AKA mold.

But don’t feel sad about throwing it away, think about the many different colors and shapes you still get to try.

Copy of KOUKA

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