Flormar rotating Mascara – Review

I’m blessed with having thick lashes that just need a tiny bit of mascara to give me fake lashes. Actually me and my sister are blessed with it.

So back to the real story of getting to know Flormar. Strolling through Barcelona with my sister was the greatest moments of my summer, that and presenting my Master’s Thesis. We came across the Flormar store and we walked in.


The makeup artists asked if I would like them to do my makeup. I was like hell yeah. They did my face perfectly but although it was too much for a hot summer day, I fell in love with the friendliness and enthusiasm of the staff and especially the mascara.

Aren’t we the cutesttt??

The rotating mascara gives my lashes the lift they need while at the same time separating them, with no clumping and giving the perfect lashes.

Look at the mascara, not my untamed brows

The trick about this rotating mascara is that the button not only turns in one direction but pressing it again turns it in the other. So what that means is it can apply it in the lashes from both sides, adding more product to them. With no clumping.

But the only con, is that it doesn’t give voluminous lashes.


If you already follow me on Instagram, or read my previous post on the Samoa Mascara (Oh La Lash) you would know I am picky with my mascara, because it is a make it or break it for me. It is either Pure Awesomeness or Utter Fail. No in between.

If you want to try something for an everyday look, I for one would choose this for a not over the top look.

Until next time,


P.S. I actually don’t remember the price, so if you can fill me on this part.

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