Review: Huda beauty faux filter foundation

Ever time my sister visits, she brings me new stuff to review. Because you know “sister-love”. So I do take into account her opinion of the product. This time, she came with the Holy grail for some, the Huda Beauty Faux filter Foundation in color Creme Brule. (And the amazing thing, is that we have the same skin tone, we are both as white as paper)

I was super excited to see what it can do, because you know Instagramers and YouTubers had very conflicting thoughts about it. And I have read soo many reviews, but I won’t let what I’ve read affect my review. Let us just get into the whole reviewing part then.

It is a perfect foundation but I don’t like it. Or actually I wouldn’t spend my own money on it (and I know my sister won’t do that in the future again).


1. Perfect foundation, coverage, color and undertone. It is f***ing perfect.

2. It is super pigmented and covered my whole face with less than half a pump. Imagine that.


3. And let us just take a moment and admire the finish where it dries down to a Matte powdery finish.

4. It lasted a long time without creasing or fading away.

5. I didn’t even need to conceal, or set it. Just needed to bronze up my face and add blush.

HUDA created a masterpiece with this foundation.

6. I applied it on my mom (I am the makeup artist of the family) and it hid every single fine line, pore and gave me perfect control to create a beautiful look for her.


But let us get down to the real deal:

1. The foundation although perfect BUT, it is super thick. Like why should it be this thick? It fell out of the pump like a huge clot. It should be a bit more liquid-y.

2. Another big No-No is because of this thickness, I could feel my skin suffocating. It felt so hot, that I needed to wipe down most of it. I kept complaining the whole car ride to dinner with my parents.

3. But the biggest off for me, wasn’t all these, it’s the complaint I got from mom “PIMPLES” and I had made sure my mom had double cleansed her face, to prevent any pore clogging. Even my sister said after continuous use, she had noticed that she had whiteheads that started forming after continuous use. And once she stopped using it, they decreased quickly.

My final verdict

Let us be honest here. As a full coverage foundation, it is the best to create masterpiece after masterpiece (Each makeup look is a masterpiece), and it does what it is supposed to, and went way above and beyond my expectations. But you have to think as well about the cost, “Cause honey! It ain’t cheap!” and some online shops in Lebanon are selling it for around 62$ (plus it doesn’t get shipped to Lebanon). Even MAC isn’t priced as that much (Well, it is! ~ just trying to make a point here).

But for me, if I were to buy it, I would only use it on special occasions and not for everyday use, because the skin needs to breathe.

Have you tried it? Leave your comments in the section below

Until next time,

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