Review: Nuxe BB cream

How I discovered this product?

I got this as a sample from my cousin to try out. This product went with me on my Europe trip and back. I gave it then to my sister to try it out, and although that was a 15 mL sample, it lasted more than 5 months of use. So imagine that.

What is it

A brightening BB cream that unifies, reduces the appearance of dark spots, beautifies and moisturizes. It comes in only one shade and is suitable for all skin types. can be used alone or as a base for makeup. And smells beyond amazing

I recently bought it for my sister from It comes in a very cute pump bottle (30 mL) that I highly recommend for hygienic reasons. Although it is my sister’s, we share makeup and I could not not try it again, for the sake of me. At least just for it’s scent!



This comes in a price range between drugstore and high end BB creams. (35$ and it is on sale on Feel22 for 25$ Here. The feel is amazing especially if you prep your face beforehand at least by moisturizing it. It is very lightweight and lasts on all day and doesn’t budge from it’s place once you apply concealer or bronzer or any other product.
It does give a fresh look and feel to the face. A glow that lasts.

The consistency is not too watery, which is a plus for not getting it everywhere. as well, it takes whatever your skin tone is. Well I am as white as cardboard, and this works great for me.

To buy or not to buy?

At the end of the day, it actually depends on what you are looking for in a product, as well as the price of it.

For me, it is a definite win, because it ticks off consistency, glow, and uniform coloring.

If you are looking to something similar to it but the price is making you back down, ask for samples from where you are going to buy it and a good alternative would be the Dermacol BB Cream.

Until next time

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