Have I found my holy grail curly hair method?

Curly hair is a pain if not treated with the love and respect it deserves. I can tell you that no two curly heads are the same, and no two routines to manage it are the same.
It’s a trial and error method. I have soo many bottles of conditioners that never could do what I wanted them to. I have oils that made my hair super oily and made me hate the fact that I have curly hair.
But I’m learning and trying, because as much as I look good in straightened hair, my curls are my identity. Hence the name “koukakurls”
Back to the issue here, I came across a product that has me stunned. I was making an order on Feel22.com and stumbled upon L’Action Paris Perfect Curls hair mask, and for 3.5$ = 5,250LL it was a definite steal.

What it is?

A two step mask containing 15 ml rinsable conditioner and and 5 ml leave-in serum.
How to use it is by applying the conditioner and leaving it for 5 minutes and rinsing it out, and then after towel drying your hair applying the anti-frizz and curl memory serum.
(I don’t towel dry my hair, because I get sick very very quickly, so the diffuser is essential at low heat, even in summer times)



My main concerns with silicone products is that I was actually expecting it to crunch my hair because of the silicon in the sachet, or even expect my hair to get super greasy quickly.


This is the end result of using the mask. I’ve been using the same sachet for 3 times and there is still a lot of product left, because I tend to not use a lot of conditioner, (not a stereotypical curly head that uses a ton of conditioner)

I’ve noticed my hair has less frizzy-ness just the normal bed head frizz. My curls look styled and perfect and to be honest, I’m shook that this product actually worked.
So it is a hell yes from me.

You can find this product on Feel22.com
And to save $$ use my code MalakFeel22 for an extra 10% discount
Stay tuned for more

Until next time,

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