Review: Dermacol BB Cream Magic Beauty Cream 8 in 1

You should know that when I try new products, their is something that captivates me about it in the first place. Either the name, color, texture, or even sometimes the smell. And I’m always on the lookout for drugstore products, because there are so many products with great effect and great value.

Today’s review is on the Dermacol BB Cream Magic Beauty Cream 8 in 1 – Moisturizing Tinting Cream. Way too long of a name.

What made me try this BB cream out, is that I know dermacol has a raved about foundation and concealer, a holy-grail for some bloggers and youtubers. But I didn’t want to try that one just yet, because I was a bit hesitant to try something super thick, so I went for the BB cream, plus it’s suitable for all skin types.

And two, for days when my skin is semi-normal, meaning without the PMS pimples and what-not, I prefer to use BB creams over foundation.


This BB comes in a very simple packaging and is not a pump, 30 mL and is 8$ (12,000LL) and claims the following:

  • Provides a natural look
  • Moisturizes
  • Evens your skin tone
  • Covers imperfections
  • Brightens
  • Provides a feeling of fresh skin
  • Silky smooth skin
  • SPF 15

So you are getting a decent amount of product for a good value and has high hopes


The smell is distinct, but I can’t seem to remember where I have smelled it before.
The texture is liquidy and I do wish that it was a bit thicker (too many blouses have been thrown in the washing machine because of this) but to speak about the product itself, I have nothing against it, and I really like it’s feel on the skin.

It actually doesn’t feel heavy or too sheer on the skin, but it does hide light blemishes.

It leaves the skin looking like you have had a lot of water to drink.

It dries fast enough that you have time to blend it well and doesn’t cause patches or blots.

It as well dries down to a satin finish (not too matt or too dewy)

Too buy or not to buy?

If you don’t have problematic skin, or prefer a more glowy and hydrated looks, it’s a good simple product that does what it is supposed to, and so far I haven’t had any problems skin-wise or any allergy because of it.

To sum things up, a glow from within product, budget friendly and colors that suite most skin types.

Much love



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