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I know I’m the worst person when it comes to scheduling blog posts on the daily, weekly, monthly. I never seem to have the time to give my blog the time and energy. Any who, I’ve broke a New Year’s resolution; I’ve bought so much makeup since the beginning of the New Year! I just couldn’t resist. There is so much pretty stuff everywhere.

Samoa cosmetics is a Lebanese brand that has been around for as long as I can remember. I know my mom used to buy them when I was a toddler. I loved their lipsticks since the very beginning and I still have the old old packaging. (Make-up hoarder I know). Any who, since that time, Samoa has been coming out with so many products to date. From makeup to nail care, they are really exceling and giving the best quality there is at really amazing prices.

Since now I’m starting earning money and paying for my make-up products, I’m starting to test out different products and what not. So I’ve bought their new mascara, lipsticks (2 out of the 5 colors), and their new Kika palette (with a free gift of eyeliner), and let me just sum everything out for you and say I love them.


Oh la lash Mascara:


  • Unbelievable lash length in one swipe
  • No Clumping
  • Holds curl ALL day, we’ve tested
  • Doesn’t crumble or transfer through the day
  • Amazing brush so you can cover every single lash
  • Easily layers without clumping to build up as many layers as you like


It did as expected. It gave me longer lashes and darker after I coat them with 1, 2, or even 3 coats. My lashes didn’t lose their curl throughout the day. But the only problem I had, is if I got mascara on my lower lashes, it would transfer throughout the day to the my skin and I’d look like a panda. But that is my fault not the mascaras.

I hope they come out with a waterproof version before the summer starts. Because we all know that I would need it by then.


Worth buying and trying out and for its price (10$=15,000LL) it is a definite steal!


Ooh la lips


  • Totally Matte
  • Long lasting wear for more than 6 hours
  • Minimal transfer after dry down
  • Easy Application
  • Total Coverage and vivid colors
  • Super Comfortable Wear
  • Long-Wearing



It is long lasting. I have to give them that. I’ve tried in different ways:Alone; with a lip liner; after exfoliating lips; with oil underneath; without anything and without exfoliating lips.

So, I have found out, that it works best if you exfoliate your lips (to prevent them from looking dried up and looking weird as hell) and adding oil (Argan works best, or Beesline) after which the oil or beesline are later removed because excess oil won’t help with the lipstick stick. And just add the lipstick, with or without lining them.



BUT, here I do have a complaint, wearing them often will leave the lips dry and chappy after a week of wear. However, the formula is light on the lips and lasts my whole work day after eating and drinking coffee throughout the day.

As for the colors, they are breathtaking. I didn’t get the full set, because 1) I don’t wear the red shades 2) I would be spending too much (1 is for 9.33$ = 14,000LL). But the color range is amazing. Check it out.


Yes! Get them! You’ll be amazed. Try one at a time. My favorites are nude colors

Kika palette:

The latest palette by Samoa. It contains 12 colors of matte and shimmery bronze colors, ranging from light colors and transition colors and dark colors. The packaging is super cute, I didn’t want to play with it. The shadows are light but pigmented, and don’t feel heavy on the lids, and what I’ve noticed is that the shimmery ones last all day. It costs 13.34$ = 20,000LL. And for the price, it is a great everyday palette that goes a long way from natural looks to smoky eyeshadow look that you can simply change from a day look to a night look with one swipe of the darker shades




If you are looking for a good drugstore palette that does what you need and gives you a good range of colors, get it. Because it is travel friendly and gives you what you want and can last a long time.

Plus, since there is an offer with it, you can get the palette with a bronze creamy eye liner that can match your look.


Samoa is hitting the market fast and strong, and I know they won’t disappoint us by releasing bad products.

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