Steps to kick start a healthy state of mind

The right state of mind? What is that? Well the right state of mind is when you not only want to get better but also set the right path to do so. I am not sure if you can understand what I mean. But let us say your new year’s resolution is getting fit. Not only do you have to set your mind to do so, but also physically speaking and what you put in your body. So it’s both a physical and mental and health integration.

So what should you do to reach a good state of mind? Take care of both your health and emotional energies. It’s by implementing important points into your life. How I do so can give you an idea of ideas you want to implement.

On an emotional level:

Be more grateful

Grateful that you have people in your life to support you no matter what. Even if it is one person, but he/she can be the only person that you Thank God for his/her presence. I’m grateful for all the people I have met that stand by me no matter what.

Laugh more 

Even if you hit rock bottom and think that life can’t get any better there will always be at least one thing that makes you laugh your heart out. So treasure those moments.

Add light in your life

No one can assess the importance of opening your windows and enjoying the sunshine. Even if you don’t have much daylight, just opening the window and letting fresh air in can change your mood and your overall health.

Have alone time/go out

There are times when I can’t stand still and times when I just want to cuddle forever with my Mickey Mouse (Yes I am a 23-Year-old and have one and I love it cause it is from my trip to Disney World Florida) and hide under the covers. You just need to listen to what your body needs. If you aren’t in the mood to do anything, relax. You have time later to do all those.

Speaking to what your body needs

Enough sleep

All your emotional and physical relaxation depends on how much sleep you get. It is recommended to have 8 Hours of sleep/day. However, you might think, but I can’t sleep enough, there is no time… etc… But let us be honest a bit, you can’t do everything in the same day. You need to relax a bit. You can’t cut off your sleep time. It just won’t work

Eat well

Not dieting. Not food trends. Eat real-food. Enjoy carbs. But do what feels well to you. I may ruin all dieticians work with this. You don’t need to stick to a diet plan because you have to. If you do it will feel like it’s a chore and you’ll hate it. Food is amazing. All you need to do is change your plan a bit by small steps.

Get regular checkups put together this health infographic that offers a guideline of preventative screening tests for both women and men. This year, make an effort to complete each of these tasks and to see other health professionals, such as the dentist and optometrist. I know I will, I’ve written about it in my Resolutions for 2018. As for why you should do it, because keeping your health in check won’t be done unless you know that you are doing well from within.

Hims Health Checklist.jpg

Move around

Move around, work out. Just keep going and pushing yourself. You want to run a 10K, train for it. Yoga, take sessions. Strength train, go ahead. Nothing can stop you, just start. But don’t get caught trying to fit a certain pants size. This all is about just taking the step to start.

Wishing you a healthy year ahead.


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