Why I’m not a Fashionista

Disclaimer: All views are mine. I don’t tend to shame anyone and if I do, am sorry.

If the title hasn’t caught your attention yet, I don’t know what will. Any who, I think of fashion as a creative zone where a person can unleash his/her innermost creativity and style. I like fashion design shows and I like the creativity behind eye-catching pieces . But let’s be honest here! Besides a couple of really pretty peices that I would try on, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it.

Enough about haute couture, commercial wear in real life tends to take extremes. It’s fine that girls tend to follow fashion trends to the core. But I couldn’t do what they do.

Not because I can’t, but I don’t want to. Why would I rather wear what everyone else is wearing. I’m not them, I’m me! I love jeans and a t-shirt/sweater as well as dresses (for occasions) but hate skirts. I hate ruffles. I hate stuff that is just a non-lasting trend. I am a minimilast. I don’t mind being seen in the same outfit. I’m not a celebrity or planning to be one, I love being myself in front of everyone.

So if you like being a fashionista and wearing different outfits in the same day, be my guest. If you have huge fashion hauls every other week, then again, be my guest. Fashionistas are supposed to be trend setters and have their own style incorporated into every piece, not be copy cats. As for me, I love not being in that field. Although I LOVE BOOTIES and HEELS (Only in the winter time!)

Until next time,


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