Tried Bullet Journaling for two weeks! Here’s how it went..

In the land where you scroll down in Pinterest over and over and forget what your first search ever was. (P.S. If that seems familiar you are not alone.), You come across the term Bullet Journaling.

Anyways, so I came across Bullet Journaling. Have you heard of Bullet Journaling? It’s a method created by Ryder Carroll to simplify and organize your life. In it you have:

  1. An index (in which you put the title and page number for each category or collection you want to add in the BuJo)
  2. Keys (they are symbols you’ll use in the notebook)
  3. Followed by however you want to use the notebook as yearly calender, monthly, daily (are the essential parts of a BuJo)
  4. And let your creativity flow.

So basically I got super excited about this idea, since you only need an A5 notebook and a pen. So I hopped over to Malik’s bookstore and shopped for what I needed (I love stationary and supplies – No I mean I LOVE LOVE them). So I quickly got down to beginning my BuJo journey and added all those and because Pinterest influences your creativity, I wanted mine to be super cute and Instagram-worthy.

2017-12-03 03-20881855..jpg


I love the idea of scheduling everything and organizing my life.

I kinda figured out that it wasn’t my thing. I hated carrying around the notebook everywhere I went. It was not suitable for that. As for the idea of writing down everything from Habit Tracking and Monthly Expenses, I have to say I still use these two collections monthly, especially because I don’t want my paycheck to be spent quickly.

Plus my layouts were not Instagram worthy.

So what is a worthy alternative?

After my failed attempt at a hardcopy version, I’ve started using OneNote. It basically works however you want, just like a bullet journal. I’ve been using it for over a month. I have it on my work laptop, my phone and personal laptop, so I can access it everywhere. And I don’t have to carry a notebook everywhere I go.

Some collections I have in it:

My notebook

  1. Quick notes: reminders and such to add them later to other collections
  2. BUJO:
    1. Index
    2. Keys
    3. Birthdays
    4. Fun Stuff
      1. Movies to watch
      2. Series
        1. TBBT
        2. Suits
        3. NCIS
        4. The Simpsons
      3. Favorite Quotes and Motivation
    5. Important Stuff
      1. Passwords & IDs
      2. Important numbers (mostly work related)
    6. 2017 – November
    7. 2017 – December
  3. Computer hacks: Things I always forget about
  4. Work
  5. Cooking: recipes I’ve tried and tested

In the months sections I add weekly calender, followed by an expenses chart and a habit tracker. The Expenses chart is for how much I’m spending per day, while the Habit Tracker with which I hope to get some good sleep, not snack on junk food, take my medicine, see if i’m blogging or posting on social media (yeah! I’m behind on this one) but this post has been in the drafts for more than 3 weeks now (sorry)


  1. Niche
  2. Plan
  3. Ideas: I have a bunch of ideas but no time and energy to write

However, if you like writing everything down on pen and paper then be my guest, mine is packing up dust somewhere.

Until next time,


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