10 Things to Remember Before Turning 23

I love August! I have so many family members born in this month, starting on the 1st of August, and up until the 31st! I end it well! (Self-love people!!) I never understood why people would hate their birthday, or growing up! Or probably because I haven’t hit the big 30 (Not happening for the next 7 years!)

I’ve always loved my birthday, no matter what was happening elsewhere, or current events. Plus, I love surprises! Well, I know that there are some milestone years that are important. For me, I thought my 16th was really important! Then I thought my 18th was as well! I thought I was an adult at that time, but adulthood didn’t hit me until after my 21st birthday! I grew up! And with each year, the responsibilities grow and I’ve noticed that what used to be important doesn’t seem to be anymore.

However, the only bad thing (Well, not bad! But probably the only negative side of growing older) is when little kids ask me how old I am, and then they go like, “Wow! You’re old!” That’s when panic attacks start!

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Anyways, back to the real deal here! I wanted to share 10 lessons I’ve learned since 1994. And rather than 22 or 23, I focused on 10, because let’s face it, I’m lazy!

1. Take care of yourself

Yes! That’s more important than anything, because what can be a better project than becoming better. Whether it’s a diet change, or adopting a new workout, or learning a new language. You are important!

2. It’s okay to spend alone time

I love having every once in a while hours, or even a day to myself. Just lazy-ing it out, so I just de-stress and recollect my thoughts and ideas. It’s good to unplug from the world and just focus on yourself

3. Be thankful

Be thankful, that you have your health and your loved ones around you! Be thankful, that even though you may not have a job yet, it’s not the end of the world! YET!

4. Don’t hold grudges

Life is too short, to hold grudges on anyone!  Forgive and forget! Well, not forget, but learn how to manage the current situation in order to move on with your life!

5. Tell people you love and appreciate them

I can’t stress this enough! Before everything turns corporate, cherish the time with them. Pshhh! They’re the ones that keep you motivated and going.

6. Somehow, everything falls into place

However, f***ed up your situation might get. However horrible you might think your life is at some point, and you might think your life is over. Well, it’s not! It’s just a curve ball. You might miss it, but in the end, everything will fall back to place

7. Never be so comfortable that you stop chasing your dreams

If we don’t have a goal in life or set goals to achieve for 5- or even 10-years, we would fall into a routine and everything would be boring

Get up and work towards getting closer to it.

8. Stop Apologizing

We’ve all done it. I still do it sometimes. It’s normal. It’s human. What’s not human is to constantly feel like we need to explain ourselves to everyone in the universe.

9. Take a stand

I’ve been a person that doesn’t speak up. But the past year showed me that whatever I see is wrong, to say it. I’ve been in a conflict where I’ve been right and others views were wrong, but I wouldn’t shut up! I feel bad that before this year, I didn’t do so.

10. There’s Still So Much Time

Get excited about your next year. Your next adventure. Turning 23 might mean the end of something great for some. But in reality, it’s a beginning of something amazing. Now is when our life truly starts. Now is the time to do whatever we want!

Here’s to an awesome 23rd. Hope by next year, I’ll have more great lessons to share.


Stay awesome!
Much love,



One thought on “10 Things to Remember Before Turning 23

  1. Very good post. I have made it to the big 56 and I still love my birthday! Every year on my birthday I invite about 10 of my friends out for lunch to celebrate my birthday. Many people never make it to 56. My Mom died when she was 51(I was 22). So I am thankful to be alive- my birthday is the celebration of one more year that God has given me to live!

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