Europe – Part 3: Munich

The last stop of my Europe summer tour was in Munich, Germany. Each one of these three places has its own charm. Barcelona had architecture, sangrias, and tortillas. Rome has history, huge doors, and food. While Munich, it’s beer, pretzels, and uniformity.

Although I only spent two whole days in Munich, I got to chill back and see a few sites. It’s a good thing that the weather was good because it rained the last day I was there.



IMG_8213.JPGThis church is located on Odeonsplatz (I had to google the spelling!) Its style is different than what you might see in other places, as in Italy, or even in Lebanon, because there is no gold ornamentation on the ceilings. It has a lot of details though!

Bavarian Opera Hall


This actually was built in 1818 weird huh?! (If that was in Lebanon, they would have brought it down a long time ago! Sarcastic much?!) Anyways, it was such a pretty sight to see, but we just walked across it from the outside!





Marienplatz is considered the center of Munich, and it’s always buzzing with life, and in the middle is a column with a golden Virgin Mary on top (the 2nd two pictures are taken from Church of St. Peter)

Also, every hour the puppets in the clock tower, starting moving and dancing. It really worth the watch.

Church of St. Peter (Alter Peter)



This church is worth the 300 stairs I took (around 14 flights of stairs) because that view made me fall in love with the city. Just look at that view. The red brick pyramids, the low buildings, churches every where! And you can even spot the Allianz Arena




My sister the best way to get the full German experience is to go to Munchen’s Hofbrauhaus, and to my luck, there was a band wearing traditional Bavarian clothes and playing traditional Bavarian music.

Radler beer, Pretzels, cheese, and lamb were also on the menu. Well, I was so hungry at that time so I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of the good food

Englischer Garten


The second day, was mostly more relaxing. My friend/exchange sister was visiting me from Switzerland, so my sister suggested going to the Englischer Garten since the weather was nice. It had been around 6 years since the last time I saw her, so it was an awesome reunion.

This park is so huge, and you can get easily lost in it. However, once we reached the Chinese tower, we had some radler and cheese and more talking, and the weather suited us.

BMW Welt



My last night in Munich, I spent it going to BMW world and Olympia park. Notice the jacket, it got cold and rained.

Anyways, BMW world was a fun experience, and I loved the cars and the latest technologies by BMW (the Hybrid) and the motorbikes. I’m a sucker for motorbikes. And the only car that caught my eye, was the BMW 4 series, silver matte! When I’m 60 I’ll probably be able to afford it.

On a side note, I’m blurred out, because the car is more important

Olympia Park






We ended it walking through Olympia park, where there was a sort-of-summer fair, and then going up the Olympic Tower, and although I pretty much nagged about the cold, it was sooo pretty to see all of Munich but at night. (Yeah, I don’t know how to use a DSLR at night!)

Until next time,




P.S. Should I do a make up haul post?


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