Europe – Part 1: Barcelona

I’m the worst blogger ever, it’s been more than three months since I wrote my last blog post. Since that time, I haven’t had time to write anything. Still working on my thesis! Anyways, not to return to my previous nagging tantrums, I’ve decided to write about my trip, which was a graduation gift from my parents and sister.

I didn’t do much except get a visa and take the plane and get my ass over to Europe. Plus, it was the first time that my sister and I spend so much time together! (In 4 years to be exact)

Our first stop was in Barcelona! After only getting 3 hours of sleep to catch our plane, we were excited and sleep-deprived.

We had taken an Airbnb close to the city centre, and although it was noisy and we didn’t get much sleep either, and the heat was awful, we still had enough energy to last the four days we stayed there. (Not nagging!)

What can I say about Barcelona! I fell in love with the city! We would just walk for hours and hours and we wouldn’t feel tired, because of the colors and architecture and the whole ambience of the city. Four days in Barcelona was filled with walking, food, and great architecture.

Casa Milà

Walking down the roads of Barcelona, you are greeted with Guadi’s buildings, starting with Casa Milà, it is beyond amazinggggg!


Casa Batlló



La Rambla and the old streets

La Rambla is a street filled with life and is very crowded at all times. We had amazzing time roaming it’s streets and discovering all it’s architecture. But what I don’t suggest, is eating in the restaurants on La Rambla. First their prices are touristic prices, and it’s always super crowded, but what I do suggest, is checking Zomato and seeing where locals eat, and going to those places. It’ll be a great budget-saver and you’ll eat tortillas and sangrias at great prices.







La Boqueria

La Boqueria is a food market in La Rambla. It’s a photographers heaven, with all the colors and a foodies hangout, because of all the great food! Fresh fruit juices and meat and all you can find spices, it’s a definite go-to in Barcelona!







La Barcelonetta

My sister and I were excited to go to the beach, but the weather was really bad, that we only stayed for less than 3 hours, because it rained on us!


Parc Guell

This was just wow! I was in awe throughout the whole trip, but reaching Parc Guell was a benchmark of our trip. The good thing about buying online tickets for the Parc, was saving time and saving a seat to see the parc. I really suggest buying online tickets, was when we reached the parc, there were no more tickets until 8 pm. It’s always so full and crowded. Plus you can see all of Barcelona, with La Barcelonetta and La Sagrada Familia








La Sagrada Familia

We couldn’t leave out La Sagrada Familia. It’s like the most important thing to see in Barcelona, it’s Gaudi’s burial place. But I might go back to Barcelona after they complete it. Even though it’s not completely finished, the line was so long, and the heat was too much that we didn’t go in.


Hope you enjoyed this post.

Next up, ROME!

Much love,


6 thoughts on “Europe – Part 1: Barcelona

    1. Transportation is really good in barcelona. Well la sagrada familia, la rambla street and gaudi’s buildings you can visit those by walking. Parc guell and la barceloneta beach we took a taxi and it cost us around 10€/ride. But we took the bus a couple of times. And you can have like day tickets or 10 trips for a good price. I forgot which is which.
      Restaurants can vary way too much. Some would cost up to 50€ (which is too much for a student price) and others it wouldn’t break the bank. Like 25€ (for 2) Also google maps can show restaurants and their pricing or were locals eat. And zomato is a good choice.


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