7 Types of People You See at the Gym

Whether you’re going to the gym as part of your New Years resolution (guilty), or changing your lifestyle to the better (guilty), you are bound to meet or be one of these types.

Disclaimer: Don’t take anything personally! Because one time or another we are bound to do that, and laugh about them.

1. The Newby

“Cool! What does this machine do?!?!?”

2. The over enthusiastic runner

No one is this happy, running for 30 minutes straight at high speed. But you have to admire their perseverance.

3. The Beast

The more muscle the better?!

4. The Girl with Caked-on makeup

I know we all have busy lives, but their is a reason why you shouldn’t wear makeup to the gym. Clogged pores! Does that ring a bell?!

5. The Fit Couple

The couple that lifts together, stays together, right?

6. The Selfie-Junkie

You find this person plastered on a mirror having a photoshoot. We’ve all done it once, or twice, but we do need to use the mirror for other purposes!

These are both guys and girls!

7. The ones that can’t stay away from their digital devices

Okay, I’m guilty about this. But I spend most of the time, untangling my earphones.

The person who cannot, even during intensive exercise, be parted from their digital devices.

Much love,


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