Cleaning Makeup Brushes DIY

I love my makeup, but if you know me well enough, you’d know that I hate cleaning my brushes because I need to let them dry properly, and I don’t have the patience.

But I take advantage of my weekend to do the things I keep putting off, like masks and cleaning my room! But other than that, cleaning my brushes has become a priority, because I’m not using my beauty blender a lot because it needs a hell lot of cleaning, and I’m leaving it till later, and I use my fingers for makeup when I’m in a rush!

And because Pinterest is the holy grail of all things awesome, I found a brush cleaner DIY that’s super simple and really just needs 3 things


  1. 2 tbsp White vinegar
  2. 1 tbsp Shampoo
  3. 1 cup of Water

& a small bowl to put them all in


Mix them in the bowl, then swirl the brushes in one at a time, after which I hold it under running water to make sure it’s clean.

After all brushes are done, I refresh the mixture and repeat.

Fun facts about white vinegar:

  1. Kills bacteria and is a great disinfectant
  2. Fights dandruff by removing extra residues from shampooing
  3. Freshen cut flowers
  4. Deters ants
  5. Unclog a drain with the help of baking soda

Until next time,



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