11 Reasons Sisters are AWESOME

Sisters, the bond is born as soon as you come to this life. No matter if she’s in the same country or if she lives in another country, sisters are the best friends any girl can wish for.

I’m talking because my sister has been behind me since day one and I can’t imagine having anyone other than her in my life because it just wouldn’t feel right. Even though if we stay together for less than 3 days, all hell breaks loose, but she’s the first person I’d call/text if I have awesome/worst news to tell her.

1. She’s someone you can confide in about family matters. She already understands and knows the pain

You can talk, nag and talk shit about them because she understands that sometimes you need to vent

Image result for sister confide

2. You get your sense of style from her, even if you don’t want to admit it.

It’s because of her that I look somewhat presentable most of the times – college, school, office, parties.

Plus, I hate shopping so she does it for me. MWAHAHA

3. It's because of her you've managed to look presentable most of the times - in college, school, office and parties.

3. She can instantly tell when something is wrong, even if you’ve only communicated by text and vice versa.

More times then I count that I feel that she’s not well just by one word she says. Call it sister-telepathy

11. You can share every little thing you have in your heart with her with all honesty.

4. She deals with your craziness because she is as crazy as you are.



5. She knows about your obsessions

She knows my obsession about makeup and she just feeds the fire by getting me more (hahaha, I know you love me B <3) even though I have taught her about some of them and you know her obsessions with perfumes (never tell me you don’t)

Image result for makeup obsessions

6. She’s proud of you for your successes and tells you to kick anyone who does you wrong

No matter how many people tell you great job, she’ll be the most sincerest one. (Is it even a word?) Anyways, she’ll be bragging about you more than you know. (& vice versa)

15. She is the one celebrating with you when all others are cursing you over your success stories.

7. Even though it can be days where you don’t talk

But other times you’ll talk for a couple of hours about nothingness.

Image result for sisters telepathy gif

8. No subject is off-topic between you two

Enough said here (hehe)


9. Her advice is always exactly what you need to hear.

Even though you hate what she’ll say, but you know it’s for your own good

16. You ALWAYS have someone to talk to at any point of the day. It doesn't matter whether the talk is important/inappropriate/boring.

10. Nothing comes close to late night talks

15 reasons why sisters are awesome

11. She loves you for you, and you know she’s got your back

14. She has been there for you WHENEVER you needed her.

Much love,


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