Growing Up With Curly Hair – Reality

I have a love-hate relationship with my curly hair.and it’s now wavy, or curled. It’s curly, and to be precise a 3B. Yes! I’ve googled my own hair type, I am that obsessed with it.

But since I’m learning how to manage it properly, I’ve wanted to share the reality of growing up with curly hair.

1. Having my mom brush my locks into oblivion and turning out into a squirrel’s tail, like literally

giphy (6).gif

2. Finding lost pens after a school day in my hair

Yes, my friends were awesome. (Sarcasm much?!)

3. Getting bangs is really weird especially in the growing out phase

They’ll just stick out!

Image result for curly hair problems nest

4. Curly vs. Curled

I used to get jealous of those with curled hair that looks beyond beautiful in pictures, while my hair is curly and sticks out in all directions. But after that I was like I love it

Image result for curled vs curly

5. Googling different curly hairstyles

But getting curled girls doing their thing. OK! Now how will that help me?

Related image

6. I have two personalities: Straight and Curly

It’s like dating two different people

Image result for straight hair curly hair

7. Straightening it takes a long time and lasts depending on the forecast 

One hour to get it straightened, and two if I’m straightening it myself

giphy (7).gif

8. People telling you: “Your hair looks amazing straightened”

Translation: You don’t look amazing ever

giphy (3).gif9. Dealing with people having to touch your hair!

Don’t! Just don’t! You’ll anger the beast

Image result for curly hair touch

10. Brushing it on a daily basis is out of the question

I only brush it in the shower, or when I plan on straightening it/getting it straightened!

Image result for curly hair problems

11. The moment you discover the use of a diffuser

It’s the moment of pure happiness and joy. It’s love at first sight

giphy (5).gif

12. Once you learn to love your curls, you realize they are perfect as are you

giphy (4).gif


Much love,

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