What difference does your hairstyle make?

Every once in a while, we need some change in our life, it keeps us upbeat, it keeps us alive, it keeps us fresh and it changes our mood. Whether we like it or not, we need change. We are not stuck in time to stop this movement. Every minute we are changing and our perspective to certain ideas change as well. However, when should we change our look?

Every once in a while, I go into a state of utter chaos and depression of sorts, because of

  1. Stress
  2. Having nothing to do or
  3. That time of the month.

Let’s be serious, all of us have those days where our hair doesn’t act like it is supposed to (curly-haired girls, I feel your pain) and some days it looks and feels amazing.!

As a birthday gift to myself (last august), I’ve started highlighting my hair, it looks amazing, especially when my curls don’t act up… However, there are days when I can’t stand my curls or the color. They’re all over the place!! So, I straighten them(Yes! I’ve broken the important curly hair commandment!), or pull them into a bun.

Why I let my hair undergo chemicals or heat?

I think that changing your hairstyle can give a huge confidence boost to the person, give you that sense of strength, like “You can trust me, I got my shit together”, it can give liveliness back to monotone hair, and a good cut brings it back to a healthy state.

 My favorite looks:

The normal – everyday look

I usually let my locks run free, and not a care in the world. I should do a post on how I maintain my locks in their natural state. Comment if you would like to read that

20170126_115847 (2)

The straightened locks

Come on, it took me forever to straighten them (2 hours) and it looked as if I had a salon blowout.

20170227_113825 (2)

The shorter hair and dark locks

The newest is trimmed edges and darkened highlights (they will get lighter with time), and I curled them in their natural state.

20170309_161531 (2)

Would you do a dramatic change to your hair? Which did you like better? And what’s your favorite way to change your look? If you liked this post, let me know so I can do more like it, and you can follow me on:

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Until next time,


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