5 steps to prep your skin

Before applying any makeup products on your face, prepping the skin is as crucial as washing your brushes every couple of uses. Just imagine if an artist started drawing on a dirty canvas, it would look unnatural and unprofessional! These steps I usually tend to
abide by in my daily makeup routine to get that subtle glow of fresh, young skin.

1. Wash your face

With warm water of course. Warm water tends to remove any oil (sebum) build-up from the past night and if you didn’t remove your makeup from the night before, do so. (I’m guilty of this especially when I’m too tired the night before), and pat dry.

I use Garnier Micellar Water (3rd bottle so far!) because it isn’t oily and tends to remove any makeup residues I didn’t seem to notice the night before and doesn’t add unwanted oily feeling to the skin.

2. Exfoliate:

Exfoliation: I’m not much of a fun for exfoliating daily, although I know it does wonders to the skin, so I only tend to do a through exfoliation 2 – 3 times a week, because I can never know when my sensitive skin tends to react.

I’ve been using the Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore & shine daily scrub, and so far so good! No breakouts so far.20170305_131502

3. Tone

Applying toner leaves added moisture and will help remove any remaining traces of dirt and impurities. I’ve been using the Garnier Softening Toner for a couple of months now, and I’ve fallen in love with it, and my skin isn’t showing any more blotching  or the need to pile on layers of makeup to hide those imperfections20170228_090428

4. Moisturize

I don’t go overboard with this step because adding too much you and you’ll be spending most of the time letting it sink in. Adding too little, your skin will still be dry, and the makeup would look scaly. Use a small amount and gently press the moisturizer onto your face. Your skin will look fresh and soft. Plus, the pressure from your fingers will promote blood circulation and give you a natural glow. I’ve written a previous post on the importance of moisturizing. But now I’m trying out L’Oreal Paris Hydra Active 3, so far so good with it.

As much as using moisturizer is important, letting it sink in is more, because otherwise if you apply your moisturizer too soon, it can actually cause your makeup to thin out and lead to blotchiness. Make sure you wait at least two to five minutes and let your moisturizer get absorbed.


5. Primer

I swear by the importance of primers. They’re the secret to any good makeup technique. that and setting sprays.

Why because if they are silicone-based, they can hide acne scars, allow for a smoother look, help decrease sweating, and even help your makeup last longer throughout the day. Regardless of your skin type or skin color, using primer will literally work wonders, so make sure to apply primer where it’s needed.

What I use is the P2 Professional – Perfect face. But it isn’t found in Lebanon, so I need a good recommendation when mine runs out.


What are your steps to skin prep? Would love to hear about it, and if you have any recommendations to try!

N.B: All opinions are my own!

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