Succulents are an awesome pet plant

I’ve been in love with succulents ever since I discovered them, and although I killed my first succulent that didn’t need much direct sunlight and I left it outside for who knows how long, but I haven’t lost my interest for them.

What are they? Succulents are plants with fleshy leaves that store water. Cacti, which tend to have spikes, fall under the broad succulent category, but not all succulents are cacti. They are awesome, why? Because they are low maintenance, attractive and a plant you can take home to your mom, what’s not to love?

1. They’re beautiful

There are soo many different colors and shades and they add liveliness to any place they are in.

2. They’re low-maintenance

They grow so slowly and don’t need much water and can grow in any surface, and pest resistant, unless you overwater.

3. They regrow from their own cuttings

It’s called propagation. Whenever guests come over, get the scissors out and send them off with a new plant!

4. They’re evergreen

There are some types that develop their most intense foliage colors during winter months

5. They’re take-home plants

In spring and summer you can buy full-grown plants at the nursery, and your garden’s done! Personally, I would rather get them from greenhouses rather than from in-city shops

6. They promote good health

Some, like aloe vera, have therapeutic properties in their juices. Snip an aloe vera leaf for its healing juices whenever you want to soothe a cut finger or dry skin. Also, some have the ability to produce oxygen at night, which promotes good energy

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