Why moisturizing matters + favorites

We are supposed to drink 2L of water daily, right? But shouldn’t we put the same force into hydrating our skin? We definitely should, because who would want to have dried up skin that makes them look older than they really are?

So why moisturizing?

Haven’t you ever felt your skin dry up when you stay in the sun for a while, or it would start to blister when it’s cold outside?! I for one have had that feeling more than once, so the first thing I grab is my moisturizer! Why?

1. Moisturizing does wonders to dry skin
2. Protects sensitive skin
3. Holds in water inside the skin temporarily
4. Protect from harmful conditions such as UV, cold and even dust that can clog your pores

When to use them?

After a shower

Although you may feel refreshed after a shower, but without moisturizing the skin it will dry out because water tends to move from a higher concentration (skin directly after a shower) to a lower concentration (outside the skin) leaving it dry. Bonus point: The moisturizer will more easily penetrate the skin at that time.

After washing your hands
After you have finished cleansing your face with the appropriate cleanser

Leaving the cleanser on for a long time can evaporate taking your skin’s natural moisture with it.

Before applying your makeup

If it has SPF, you can apply it as a protective base for make-up. A light consistency moisturizer holds the make-up for a longer period.

My favorite moisturizers that I can’t live without:

Nivea hand creme – Anti Age – with Q10

Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Age Hand Cream Review

It does wonders for the hands, and it doesn’t have that sticky feeling and is great to carry in your purse if your skin feels dried out during the day.


Image result for sebamed moisturizing body lotion

I love this especially because it doesn’t need much time to be absorbed by the skin, because let’s face it, who wants to stay a while waiting for it to sink in. Another key factor of this is the 5.5 pH stabilizes the skin’s hydrolipid.

Nivea cellular anti-age day creme

Image result for Nivea cellular anti age visage

I use this before I do my makeup, and it feels light and subtle and prevents my makeup from becoming unblendable.

What are some of your favorite moisturizers? Let me know in the comments box

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