The Perfect Outfit

We search in life for the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect person to spend our lives with, however, that doesn’t mean not taking into consideration our looks. We spend more time on our looks, the way our makeup looks flawless and how our outfit looks pretty darn good. Some days you like a certain outfit way too much that you wear it and change the combination between them. Other times, nothing in our closets seem to have an appeal to us that sometimes you’d rather go outside naked than wear something that in our mindset doesn’t flatter us.

I’ve been in both situations that I know how it feels to stand in front of my closet and assemble an outfit in my mind that fits how I’m feeling that day. Whether that outfit is for running errands, catching a brunch with friends, or even for a date, I’ve pretty much summed up the assembly of the perfect outfit into:

Basic Piece + Interest Piece + Completer Piece + Accessories

1 Basic Piece 

Let it be a little black dress, dark jeans, pencil skirt, basic top. Anything that can be considered as an everyday staple and you would naturally grab first-hand.

1 Interest Piece

Play with colors, pattern texture and/or shine. Live a little! Pairing black  pants with a knit shirt or a crop top (tbh, it’s still cold for a crop top), or wearing a graphic Tshirt with light jeans

1 Completer Piece

This is the piece that pulls everything together, such as a Jacket, Cardigan or belt. Sometimes, I’d rather just have a scarf with me than I would carry a jacket or wear a belt. But everyone his own, right!


Bags, Shoes, Belt, Clutch, Jewellery. Accessories are just as important as any piece in your outfit. It could be a beanie hat, your red shoes, anything that would make it fun and fresh and lively.

Some of what I would wear: (PS. As you’ll see, I love colors but I’d rather not go overboard with them. I love jeans and I hate dresses and skirts..)

Daily wear:

Related image

College wear: (Yes… I wear heels to college, and long days, but they would be super comfortable)

Image result for perfect outfit for school

Outfit for going out:

Image result for perfect outfit for a date

Outfit for the night:

Image result for perfect outfit for a night out

Once all others fail, wear what you are comfortable in.

Hope you enjoyed my post. If you enjoyed it or would love your comments

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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Outfit

  1. I love all of these outfits! I completely agree with having a few good basics pieces in your closet. It’s so easy to dress up or wear casually.


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