To be honest – Dealing with Criticism

If you are Lebanese and haven’t been spammed yet with the application sarahah on your facebook homepage, then you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days. This app helps give criticism in an anonymous way.

To be honest, you should be able to deal with being criticized, rather than bashing it on social media. You’ve been criticized, DEAL WITH IT! You’re not perfect, and no one thinks the same way, so you are bound to be criticized. However, dealing with such criticism can help you later on to become the better person.

So, how to deal with criticism:

Step 1: Accept you are not perfect

You are not perfect! You have imperfections! No one will say they love everything about you.

Step 2: Don’t take it personally

People talk because they love to talk. They love to break down a person’s confidence brick by brick. Haven’t you ever say you hated someone’s voice? or the tone by which they’re addressing you? If no, then you are a saint! If yes, just remember when you did this action

Step 3: Stay confident

Stay confident by remembering who you are, and don’t let other people influence your own self-worth. Being confident means loving who you are, with your perfect imperfections Yes, John Legend lyrics

Step 4: Thank the person for being honest

YES! Be the bigger person and thank them! Nothing makes the other person go crazy than you saying “thank you”. If his/her intentions were to break you down, you would have shown them that you are stronger than you look

Step 5: Move on with your life

Seriously, MOVE ON! If one small criticism got you to bash out on social media and act like a baby who lost his favorite doll, then how would you deal with your boss at a job, or a critic telling you your music/art/blog is not worth to spend your time reading/listening?

You just have to let it go and focus on the positive!!

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