Top 10 Valentines Gift for Him

It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s… You can smell love in the air… You can see the overpriced exploitation of purest forms of human connection.

Nevertheless, expressing one’s love and gifting each other is never wrong *don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE*, but the true sentimental values of a gift is what’s important, the meaning behind it, and its use. That said, I’ve combined a list of top 10 Valentines Gifts for him.

1. Instead of roses, get him a succulent.Image result

Succulents don’t need much care as do flowers, and it will last him long after Valentine’s day.

You can get them at any flower shop. I have no idea why aren’t that popular, but their different shapes and colors are more amazing than any bouquet arrangement

2. Perfume

If you do have a perfume in mind, think of something you’d like to smell on him. And all you would want then is to cuddle up to him. It’s a win-win situation. you can check Feel22 if you have a busy life, and don’t have the time to shop.

3. Creative BasketsImage result for DIY Valentines day basket male

We know the bath and body sets for women, but you don’t find much for guys. You can either DIY or buy an already made one. Pinterest offers many DIY Valentines day baskets, or in Lebanon, there are a couple which have really great presentation such as The Bundle Shop

4. Clothing

This is your area of expertise, you can go away with dressing your guy the way you like it.

5. Headphones

If your guy loves music, invest for him in a good pair of headphones, especially if he uses them a lot. They’re the dude equivalent to earrings. Any type of headphone would work as long it doesn’t produce to much noise. No one wants a headache in a short period of time

6. Books

Books are my favorite thing to gift, at whatever occasion. Not because you’re saying that your loved one doesn’t read, but rather like “I thought of you when I saw this book”, and the most important thing about books is that you can write secret messages in it, to make sure he’s reading it.

My recommendations is always Nizar Qabani Books

7. Mugs

No matter what your hubby does, his day won’t stop without a cup of coffee. Get creative with the mugs. He’s going to remember you everytime he sees it.

My recommendations:

Image result for creative mugs Image result for creative mugs Image result for creative mugs

8. WatchImage result for DIY Valentines day basket male

There are different styles of watches that our hubby would like depending on his taste and style, whether he’s sporty, Suit-up kinda guy…

9. Bake him something and decorate it

The key to any person’s heart is through his/her stomach. Bake something scrumptious, unless he doesn’t like sugary stuff then make his favorite meal or something different than usual, try spicy food or anything that you wouldn’t venture upon on a daily basis.

10. Treat him to a massage

If you do have the courage to massage him, set the right mood. However, if there is a chance that he would get injured, ABORT PLAN! and set yourselves up with a couple’s massage therapy. Without breaking the bank, you can see Makhsoum, or GoSawa which offer such packages.

Image result for massage therapy

Wait for tomorrow’s second post on Top 10 Valentines Gifts for Her

Hope you enjoyed it,
Until next time,

N.B.: I’m not sponsoring any Lebanese Website/Instagram Account. I’m just rounding about some of which are really good.

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