Day Thirteen: Relaxation Techniques

After those long days where you just want to cuddle up with a blanket and a warm drink and cry ourselves to sleep, or even just a lazy day off.

Believe me when I say I take more relaxation days than I should. In my defense, I’m always stressed (Not that I’m lazy.. *cough* *cough*)

During my lazy days, I usually do the following:

  1. Image result for buzzfeed hiding under blanketDraw Mandalas, especially when there are stuff I should be doing
  2. Cuddle up in blankets and binge watch series and movies
  3. Hot baths are a necessity
  4. Talk about it with a friend
  5. Treat yourself to anything… Food, makeup, clothing
  6. Read blog posts or books for more than 5+ hours
  7. Instagram and Pinterest (The most time consumers)
  8. Youtube, enough said here
  9. Not talking to anyone. I stop replying to Whatsapp or Facebook
  10. Facials and nails
  11. Straightening my hair. I don’t know why, but it makes me better.
  12. Listening to music

How many did you check off?

Until next time,


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