Day Twelve: User-Written Stories


I’ve had Wattpad on my phone, iPad and bookmarked on my laptop for more than 7 months and I am so in love with this application, it’s more important than Facebook for me. I don’t know if anyone has heard of it before, but it’s one of the best user-written stories app, for the following reasons:

  1. It’s Free!
  2. It features all kinds of writting, from poetry, to short stories, love, action, drama, romance… you name it, it’s found there
  3. The authors are ordinary people, like you and me.
  4. Their creativity is beyond amazing. (I’m kinda jealous, because the most I can write is a blog post)
  5. Easy interface
  6. You can comment and vote telling the author what to do better.
  7. Great for bookaholics like myself..

I got introduced to Wattpad by my cousin, she’s a mini-me in terms of reading books, and I even tried to write a book, but it was an epic failure and no, I won’t share it, because it’s really really bad, and I don’t want you to be traumetized… *exagerating much..*

Anyways, if you do feel intrigued with this application, my first recommendation is The Gangleader Kidnapped Me, it is worth it.

N.B.: I am not sponsoring this application, and all views are my true views in regards to this application, and I wasn’t paid to promote it.

Until next time,

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