Day Ten: On location #everydayinspiration

So technically now I know that I can’t stick to writing challenges or even workout challenges for that matter. But oh well, I’m back again.

Let me tell you something about my University. They say it’s hard and only tough-skinned people will pass. Other than the horrid atmosphere of it, I’ve come to love walking around it and taking the stairs (imagine me the active me!) and staying outside for as long as it takes to not be tardy to class.

Imagine you have an open view of the sky with nothing constricted your view to it.

Imagine the cold winters wind twirling around you announcing its presence.

Mornings are busy, that’s for sure. But this year, only once or twice, had we stayed till after the sunset. The sunset is amazing for sure. But when all goes dark and the lamps lighting up the pathway now that is an amazing view.Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, twilight, outdoor and nature

What people do to go through therapy and take anti-depressants, when all they need to do is walk around and all medication would be useless compared to it.


Until next time


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