Day Nine: To write or not to write

Juggling between school work, social life and blogging and just plain being lazy at different times, has left me not able to blog as often as I thought was possible.

What if time stood still, would I be able to publish blog posts and put an effort in writing? I don’t know if I would be able to have inspiration on a daily basis.

But what I might do, and that’s me being honest, I’d be sleeping.

But being my optimistic and always being a better self, I would actually do a lot of things. I’d probably get my lazy but off of the couch and go to the gym. I want to, but after a day of walking and thinking and just being the active persona people know me to be, I’d just go to my secluded position at home, and turn my brain off.

But I guess blogging gives me the balance that my life needs. It’s my own secluded world, that’s probably why I don’t have a facebook page for my blog, and I only share on twitter.

But what would I write if I had extra time to write, I’d vent about the Lebanese politics and social events and just talk about how those politicians conspire against us and just release it all into the open.

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