Day Eight: Fix this Situation

Dear readers,

What have we lost? What have we got to lose?

We have lost our race to be better to the environment more than once. And we don’t care. That’s what I’ve noticed.

From adding landfills without any Environmental Impact Assessment, to leaving garbage on the streets, to burying them without considering the impact it has on our health or to our waters, to turning our beautiful mountains into rubble (the mountains that are our “pride”, to not caring one bit unless social media uncovers a “5-minutes in the spotlight” idea.

But what’s shocking more than all the previous, and I’ve just read it on another blog, is the ability to change one of the most preserved mountains into a resort!

Oh-come-on!! Aren’t you bored already! or are you more greedy than we thought! Qornet l Sawda is probably the last place in Lebanon that can be considered as a somewhat natural ecosystem.

But where is the Ministry of Environment hiding this news away? I’m tired having my beautiful country destroyed! I’m tired of watching thousands of flora and fauna wither into extinction. But considering the fact that major deals are hidden “under the table” (as we Lebanese put it), and seagulls take the lead. Although both are important, but with a good “wasta”, everything can be hidden.

Too bad…
Too bad indeed…

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