Day Seven: Let’s talk about birds

My post today is themed “Let social media inspire you”; however, I’m gonna talk about birds. Yep, you heard *read* right!

Ever since the bird crisis around the Lebanese airport has been getting coverage, a whole lot of bloggers have taken the time out of their days to talk about it. However, today I’m going to give my point of view regarding this subject.

WE, as humans, and ever since our induction into the world (both the Religious and Darwinian theories apply here), have created more mayhem than could occur in Gotham City. Anything we put into the ecosystem, mother nature will change and not in a good way. We are the cause of all problems on Earth.

Let’s return to the main issue at hand. Imagine a beach with all its species and processes and all is well in the world. Now imagine putting all sorts of garbage into this area. What would happen? For starters, this ecosystem will be degraded to the point of no return. This will make it favorable to new species that will come and claim it as it’s own territory.

That’s the case that’s occurring with the Costa-Brava landfill. We degraded the ecosystem, without doing an assessment whether this action will have a bad impact on the short- and long-run.

Bravo for us!

A quick fix to the solution shouldn’t have been to directly assess this site depending on your religious sect or political party. Mother Nature doesn’t take sides. Mother Nature goes into hyper-drive mode to take care of itself. It doesn’t need our help.

We sow what we grow. We did this with our quick fix to everything. Not only did we introduce birds near the airport, we also endangered the lives of many people who aboard planes.

Bravo to us again!

We won’t learn until lives are lost, that our so-called “leaders” don’t care one bit about us as numbers, they only care about adding another zero digit to their bank accounts.

giphy (2).gif

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