Day Three: Secret

Got a secret, Can you keep it?

When I always hear the word “secret”, I always remember the Pretty Little Lairs theme song. Secrets, a word so easy to say, but so difficult to keep.

Friends backstab each other over saying their secrets out loud, governments trade secrets. However, doctors swear by their confidentiality.

As for me, I keep secrets from everyone, some things are better kept inside. Once they are revealed, it may hurt a lot of people. Not just my loved ones, it may even hurt my professional life, and myself as well.

But to be honest, confidentiality is key to everything. Imagine you blab about work, well, competitors would benefit from you way easily and the profit of your country would decrease substantially.

Keep secrets!

You everything admitted to you for yourself! You never know who might benefit from your big mouth!

Till next time,


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