Day Two: 20 Things I like

Things I like… That’s a tough call actually… I like a lot of things, but my top 15 things that come to my list are:

  1. Binge watching TV series
  2. Binge eating sweet and salty treats at the same time
  3. Drawing mandalas
  4. Napping throughout the day
  5. Going out to classic Lebanese music pubs
  6. Spending 10-min in the morning putting on my makeup (raccoon eyes don’t work with me)
  7. Underlining sentences in books, but never looking at them again
  8. Birthday cakes, and there different designs
  9. Pens (I have a lot)
  10. Appreciated for a job well done
  11. Dad’s homemade lemonade
  12. Waking up to a “good morning” text from that special someone
  13. Hugs
  14. Jeans that fit just right
  15. Sleeping under the covers and keeping one foot out
  16. The smell of the first rain
  17. Singing very loudly while driving
  18. Smell of old books
  19. The first cup of coffee in the morning
  20. Sound of waves crashing

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