*heroic entry music*

I don’t know about all of you, but I would like to feel sometimes that I am a flash. Don’t laugh at me just yet. *internal giggles* I’ve always wanted to portray myself as Wonder woman or Cat Woman (portrayed as Halle Berry). The sexy figurines, with amazing powers and no man can’t but stand in awe in their presence. They have it all, the powers, the looks, the presence…

But let’s be real here. Who would want to be that? It’s way too high maintenance!

On one hand, we have those amazing ladies, and on the other we have Flash! How can you not like a hero who could do everything super duper quickly? How can you not like a hero that Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) actually likes?



Why I actually like Flash, because a little bit of his Superpowers I have. I can do everything super quickly, once I actually set my mind on it!

For example: during one of my internships, I had to enter A LOT of data, and I do mean A LOT. After 2 days, I was done with work I was supposed to complete in around 10 days. In my other internship, I was supposed to have a week to read 2 manuals and another week to find case studies on certain topics; Well, they were done in 3 days. They were really shocked that they didn’t know what else to give me. So, I read stories on Wattpad!


I’m a Flash! or a Speedy Gonzales for that matter. I guess we all have a bit of super heros in each and every one of us.

Until next time,

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