Climate Change Series

As a way to stimulate my blogging experience and help all readers understand the current climate change situation, I’m going to be doing a series of posts on climate change news.

This series will consist of 7 parts talking about:

  1. Climate Change and what are it’s main drivers
  2. Climate Change impacts on biodiversity
  3. Climate Change impacts on food production
  4. Economic Impact of climate change
  5. Climate change and impact on human health
  6. Mitigation & Adaptation and the difference between them
  7. Negative emissions

So this series comes due to my project on “Violations in Biodiversity and the Ecosystem” in the course of “Succession and Restoration of Natural Resources”.

Hope you find this of some interest because I’m just trying to reach out.

Until next time,

Update 1/1/2017: Due to the lack of time and much postponing. I decided to change it from a 10 piece series to a 7-piece one! Sorry!

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