Opportunities aren’t handed on a silver plate

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The daily prompt on wordpress: Rearrange made me think about life. About how all that life throws in our direction. We know it’s all in the Master plan that God has planned for us!

Through all these changes in our life; what is most needed is the ability to rearrange and prioritize what is important to us. What do you think is most important in your life right now? Love, Degree, Family, Job search! You name it! It is something that is relevant to you and only you can rearrange your life for a more productive and prosperous future.

However, once you set the primary goal, can you start searching of how to improve it. For me, my degree and finding a job is what’s important right now, and having set this goal since 4 years ago, have I been able to complete 3 internships and work hard to improve myself.

Enough talk about myself, what I’m trying to say is, go out find your main goal and rearrange your life to fulfill your goal.

Until next time,

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