Fake, Fake, Fake, Fake

Fake shoes. Fake bags. Fake clothes. Fake personalities.
Fake beliefs. Fake people. Fake societies. Fake lives.

Selfishness reigns around our communities. Communities once built on the ability to support one another now moves by the rising on the failure of another. Our communities have become so fake that an original Gucci bag is more important than your education. It’s becoming the norm to have makeup plastered over all over your face, every waking minute of the day, not to forget those eyelash extension or full strip of fake lashes.

These people don’t care about what’s happening around the world or in their country, only care about spending daddy’s money that they haven’t broken a sweat except for walking between malls or posting a picture of their 5 minute workout. (Oh wait, they don’t work out, they can get lipo)

These people might also break their bank and throw themselves into piles of debt to go and take a photo at an insta-worthy location so that they might be able to get those extra likes, or to keep their extravagant life of going to night clubs every single weekend, and not managing to afford the basic necessaties of life from food, water and medicine.

These people blabber on and on and on about the gossips, getting the latest iphone and not knowing how to use it, getting a macbook just for it being a macbook, buying this and this, undergoing surgery after surgery to keep their twenties face and figure while their hands show their true age, and going every two days to get their nails done and staying for a whole day to chat and blab with the aesthetician.

All these people know is not living. Living a life like this is no life at all!

*Disclaimer: This is not meant for everyone. It’s meant for those plastic barbie bimbos that live only through instagram and are more acknowledged than those working behind the scenes on major changes*

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