Anyways, who wants to be serious all the time?

Every time I hear the saying, if you fall down the horse, get back up again, it reminds me of clumsy people.

Although everyone has his/her instances where he/she bumps his/her head into the cupboard, trips over the edge of the rug, spills coffee on the first day of work, hits the lamp post straight in the head, or even hits his/her head picking up something that fell twice or thrice, it’s the quirks of being NORMAL.

Some of the things that only quirky people understand:

  1. Not being able to eat or drink anything without spilling it on yourself.
  2. Bumping into inanimate objects on a daily basis.
  3. Stairs.They are your mortal enemy, put on this earth to cause you constant pain.
  4. Constantly dropping things and picking them and dropping them again.
  5. Sports. Baseball, basketball, tennis, and even biking are just a few.
  6. “Oops, Sorry!” is your constant saying when bumping into people.
  7. Bruises. Sometimes you have more than your memory can keep up with.
  8. Flat surfaces. You are literally unable to walk in a straight line.
  9. Dancing. Having little to no rhythm.
  10. Happiness. Getting overly excited or hyper about something at any given time can have potentially dangerous results.
  11. Drunkness is in our genes.
  12. Sitting down, or lean against something but completely missing and face planting.
  13. Seasons. Winter and the onslaught of ice. Summer and sand. Fall and falling (See the pun there). Spring and the plants. Imagine the possibilities that might happen.


However, through all their clumsiness, these people are awesome, because they embrace their faults and can laugh throughout the day at their quirkiness.


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