Flattery and insults raise the same question: What do you want?  – Mason Cooley

To be honest, I haven’t exerienced anything in my life until I started college. It may sound weird or like I haven’t done anything in my life before hand but it is true what they say, that college shows you everything you were blind sighted to.

Especially in regards to flattery. I’m honest to say that flattery takes you long ways. But in the end most people mishandle using it, especially Lebanese people, we love and love to flatter, and that’s a fact.

It’s a key to getting what we want irrespective of whether we deserve it or not. I would see students flattering their supervisors to get a second chance on their finals. (or a better grade for that matter).

Or I’d see students talking their way with professors on securing for them a super internship or a no-much-effort masters thesis, or what ever the case.

And then their’s me. I flatter people that I admire for their work, achievements, and even their personality. But I don’t do that to get their recommendation, or to go higher up the scale. I don’t have that kind-of-bone in my body. I do flatter because these people are remarkable, not that I want something from them. However, I am human and no saint, when I am at a conference or workshop I tend to congradualate the speakers on their work, with the only benefit of gaining more knowledge.

In the end, people do what’s best for them. If for some it means to flatter, then go ahead. But always know that karma has a way of coming around.

Until next time,

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