Why SnapChat is not my thing anymore


Snapchat has been dying down for a while now, ever since two major things.

  1. Instagram introduced “Instagram Stories”
  2. Snapchat released those glasses “Spectacles”, which to me seems uninteresting for 2 reasons:
    1. Google had ventured down that path before and didn’t work, but google always tries, and for Snapchat to take that big leap is kind of worrisome.
    2. I wouldn’t buy such glasses have weird frames. Maybe, if they diversify their frames I might think about it.

Anyways, back to the point, I’m not using Snapchat and opting out to Instagram and other social media platforms, since snap chat uses A LOT of data!! and I MEAN A LOT!! i.e. if you are using a limited bundle, your bundle won’t last 2-3 days if you open this application. Even on a WiFi connection, it uses a lot of Data.

Another reason is the slow processing of this application. Even on a good connection, it needs a lot of time to load even the filters take a long time the load.

On the plus side, the only thing fun about it is the filters.


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