Grow Up…

*Disclaimer: These are just bantering that I couldn’t spit out. And the use of the faceless men reference is to note that the person could be anybody and not just a person in particular. So if you get offended sorry-but-not-sorry*

Dear faceless men,

Grow up…
Why do you regret doing something with your life if you don’t like what you are doing?
Why do you like to put people down when you can’t reach their position?
Why don’t you do half the work the other person does rather than belittle him/her in front of his face?

However, I have to thank you dearly. Without your “kind” words and your “constant motivation” towards me I wouldn’t have become the person I am.

All along, I’ve had to deal with people like you who want to steal my spotlight and take the pleasure of being graded on a work that you didn’t contribute 20% of the work, or you would act like your ideas are worth more than mine or what-ever.

I’m so sick and tired of all this.

But to all the real-life haters, you can’t put me down, because my voice is stronger than all of you and my stuborness can break concrete.

Until next time with a more positive post.

*Sorry, for this post. But I had to get it off my chest.*

2 thoughts on “Grow Up…

  1. تعلمت الصمت من الثرثار والاجتهاد من الكسلان والتواضع
    من المتكبّر والغريب اني لا اقر بفضل هؤلاء المعلمين


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