Encouragement is the base of what keeps us going with our life. It’s those two words “good job” that makes you feel like you own the world. Especially when you are a down to Earth person, like myself (so humble… I know!!), it gives you the boost, energy and spunk to give more. It becomes your adrenaline and your addiction.

Encouragement starts at home, when you praise your sister on the job she did, or getting praises from your parents and seeing their eyes gleam with joy and pride to have raised such a good kid.

Encouragement is when a teacher/professor gloats around your peers about the enthusiasm you have, the motivation you show and effort you put in every task handed to you.

Encouragement is when your supervisor or boss emails you saying you did an amazing job and him keeping you in mind for a better position, or when your coworkers show you off by remarking on your speedy and efficient work that you put.

That my friends is the true happiness for me.

That is my joy.

So dear readers, a single act of encouragement can go along way.

Hugs & Kisses,
Kouka http-www-allgraphics123-com-encouragement-never-ever-give-up-fnykcy-clipart

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