An escape from reality

Itumblr_m9010sxdqf1qdhag9o2_500‘m not having suicidal thoughts, I haven’t completely lost it. That being cleared up, my blog has always been a great way to let go ~Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore~ of the pressure and steam of everyday life. When I was younger I would be super excited to start college and enter into the new world, but I wish I still was a child with no worries what-so-ever about responsibilities. I didn’t think that I would hold so many responsibilities in a very short time. My life has been a constant struggle between living my life as a young adult (22 in 3 months!!) and becoming an adult. At this moment, I know realize that the care-free life is no longer a possibility.

That’s why I have 15 minutes today to let go and rant about nothingness. First of all, EXAMS: I HATE FINALS! First the materials are okay for general knowledge but not being examined in them, 2 hours/exam. It drives me crazy. I shouldn’t nag because my med school friends are suffering as we speak.Second, PROJECTS: do you remember the 3 projects I had to submit. Well, two I submitted them, one about Domestic Wastewater and one about Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (Google them if you have no idea what the second is). The third project that is still under revision by my advisor will sure be a great publishing product *fingers crossed*. I really hope so! And I will present it mostly a week or so after finals! I will update when I’m done with it and get my grade. It would be a great boost to my career in the upcoming years.


School! You will not get the best of me

Third, INTERNSHIPS: Why are there no internships in my field?! I’m super serious! Or if I find an internship, a requirement is being an AUB or LAU student. What have they got that I don’t get. You can’t get a job without having experience, and you can’t get experience without having a job/internship/volunteer work.

Fourth, MASTERS PROGRAM: I finished applying to 2 choices for my masters program, both of which are environmentally oriented. So by mid-July I’ll get a response! Hope I get in to my first choice.

I have no idea what the next two weeks of finals have in store for me, but I will hopefully pass them with my sanity in check.

*A load has been lifted off my chest. Thankfully!*

And now, it’s back to studying



Lots of Love,

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