Out with the garbage, in with the mosquitoes

8819004-red-palette-to-kill-mosquitoes-stock-vector-mosquito-swatterLebanon. The land of the Cedars, the land of the alphabet and the rivers of garbage! Yes you heard correctly. GARBAGE! Also known as trash, waste, etc.. and as you all know or heard, we have been suffering from an excess of it. Yeah, who wouldn’t want to have their sea sides obstructed by trash, and their waters infested with coliform bacteria and pathogens, and our air polluted by noxious gases? Oh what fun!!

Why mosquitoes are the most to be talked about?
  1. They are found in huge numbers
  2. They come to where there is garbage! (which we don’t have a problem with *sarcastic tone*)
  3. These 1 cm long creatures tend to wake us up all night long,
  4. They make us itch like crazy.
  5. They carry infectious diseases!!
How to handle such a crisis?

If you are a big fan of pinterest, like myself, you can find a whole different DIY techniques to fight back!

  1. Antiseptic hand gel, when it bites!
  2. Pharmaceutical face masks – we can make a trend from it!
  3. Repellents- Plus spray the house before going out, and close all windows so they won’t enter
  4. Keep your house clean!!! the cleaner the house the less the bugs
  5. If you swell up when it bites, clean with antiseptic cleaners. And in serious cases a quick visit to the doctor wouldn’t  hurt!

And if nothing works, curse this country and all it’s politicians and their followers!

See ya!

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