The top 8 worst advice I’ve ever got about dieting:

As a Lebanese, everyone shares his/her opinion, whether we want it or not! For starters, everyone thinks that they’re entitled to tell you if you’ve gained weight or lost weight. They’re all entitled to fat-shame you when you go for that glazed donut, or extra slice of pizza; since they already know that you are on a diet – or you should be on one! Or if you know Lebanese people and their hospitality and generosity, when they offer you some baklava or home-made sweets and you refuse, they’ll be like “one piece wouldn’t hurt” even after they had fat-shamed you! and if you accept that piece, everyone would be like, you have no control over yourself!

Let’s not forget that every one will share their own advice about how they dieted before and it worked or failed or whatever. Most people think they mean well, but to the person they’re saying it to – myself included – it’s a means of torture because every single person would be doing it to them. Through out the past month or so, I’ve been getting weird comments or advice on how to diet and what to eat. Although I’m already on a strict (well, I eat a lot) diet as in my previous posts, people always want to share their ideas.

1. The most important worst advice was to stop snacking.

Hold your horses people, I snack to stay full and to get my body to keep burning.

2. You should eat only twice a day.

Uhuuuuu! Well if I eat twice a day, I’ll cause my body to high force and it’d store everything.

3. You should try this detox diet I’ve tried and lost x kilos on it.

Please, enough. Detox diets are never a solution. They help clean your body of toxins. but on the long term they do more damage than good. Plus your liver and kidney are supposed to detox your system naturally.

4. One extra french fries wouldn’t do a thing.

Yeah sure it wouldn’t do a thing, not unless I had already used my cheat meal on something I love more. Thanks for the offer but I’d rather wait 3 more weeks for my cheat meal.

5. Why don’t you drink home made orange/apple juice? It’s healthy for you.

Let’s bring out our calculators, shall we? I should have 1 orange or apple per snack. I get to snack 2 times a day. the minimum it needs to make a cup of orange/apple juice is 2. I’d rather eat an orange than drink it only once.

6. You shouldn’t eat breakfast – you’ll save calories for later meals.

This is pure BS. People end up overeating at lunch and dinner, often in excess of what they ‘saved’ at breakfast.

7. Their are pills you could take to make you lose weight.

Well, Yes. I know of them. But am not planning on regaining my weight after stopping these pills. I’d rather lose them slowly.

8. Stop eating after 6 pm.

Hmm.. what about if you start your day with breakfast at 7 am, snack at 10 am, lunch at 2 pm, snack at 5 pm. Am not going to miss my dinner because I get home at 7 pm.That just won’t work for me.

The problem with all these people is that if you say:”No but thank you for your advice”, they’d go into super weird mode,”Jeez, I was only trying to help”. Their is no winning with these people, especially Lebanese. So, that’s that. If you have any additional crazy ones you’ve heard of, let me know.

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