How I quit sugar!

Good morning,

I’m trying my best to post each week. So be patient because 02052015-www-happyviews-com-stop-eating-sugar-you-tube-tumblr-facebook-google-yahoo-twitter-bing-trendI have midterms starting tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks (wish me luck, please!). But today since  I have an hour to kill while drinking my morning coffee I wanted to talk about how  started my journey and am losing weight and trying out a better lifestyle, a healthier one.

The most important thing I’ve come to realize is I used to love sugar, but now I don’t. Imagine that! I used to love everything with chocolate or white sugar, or those glazed donuts! But sugar is filled with empty calories with no nutritional value! That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So I’m going to list some of the ways I quit sugar:

1. I got rid of White bread! or carb snacks especially cupcakes and pizza!!

2. I stopped adding white table sugar to my coffee/tea

3. Diet coke or 7up/Sprite Once daily if I feel like it! NO ENERGY DRINKS!

4. Juice:

  • ALL NATURAL JUICE 1 cup of orange
  •  Bolero that contains steviol (a natural product) or aspartame (I don’t like it)
    • My favorite has to be iced tea peach! LOVE THIS STUFF

FYI: Steviol glycosides are extracted from a plant and when consumed are broken down into steviol, which is absorbed by the body. The body doesn’t store steviol glycosides and are rapidly eliminated in feces and urine

5. Chocolate: Well I can’t
resist chocolate for a long time, so I just take a piece every once in a whil

6. I ate fruits as snacks:

  • Kiwi, banana, apples, and oranges are my favorite.

N.B: You can check my previous post of how my diet plan is!

The most important effect of no artificial sugar in my life has to be

  • I feel more energized and don’t need a power nap at 10 am
  • I don’t have cravings
  • Lost weight
  • I feel amazing about my self

Until next time,

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