Ahhh Spring!


Welcome spring. Welcome to the most amazing season with all its cute dresses colorful pastel colors; well except the allergies are gonna start kicking in; I love it.


And you know what this means. It’s dieting time. Wohoooo. Its time to shed those winter pounds that are still under the hoodie. And I’ve already started. 10 days in and I’ve never felt better and have lost 4.4 lbs (2kgs). Don’t worry! It’s not another crazy diet like the 13-day protien diet I did and I regretted it because I gained all that weight, it’s a healthy food program to live on. At least 3 weeks and I’ll change it for a new step.

So the concept of this diet is, eating!! You get to eat 5 times a day. I feel like I’m esting all day long!
– 0% fat free milk or nescafe and coffee mate or 0% fat yougurt
– carbs: 1/2 cup oats or 1 brown bread or bran but nothing of the white stuff
– proteins: 2 slices of cheese 0% fat or 2 slices turkey
– veggies: as much as you want. Except NO green beans, carrots, avocado, corn at all!!!

0% fat free yogurt or 1-2 piece fruit or 2 tbsp raisins or 0% fat oceanspray cranberry or even 5 pieces of marshmallow (Believe it or not!!)

– salad: any kind of veggie except the ones listed above with dressing(1tbsp olive oil + 1 tbsp pomegranete mollases) or any type of dressing (but no more than 1 tbsp oil)
– carbs: 1 cup pasta/rice, 1 piece of bread(no white), 2 small boiled potato…
– protein: the palm of my hand meat.
– veggies: 2 cups of stew or any cooked homemade food or any raw veggies

Snack: same as above

Same as breakfast but without the milk
Sometimes I switch between dinner and lunch depending if I’m at home or I have a long day at college.

Special notes:
– 2-3 liters water
– can have 1 diet drink/day
– no oil except at lunch

But I’m still going through. Because I’m willing to go the whole 9 yards to be a better me.
11 days left to switch things up.


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