10 Makeup Tricks when wearing Glasses

I love my glasses. I also love not wearing them sometimes. (but I won’t be able to see). For starters, they give you the ability to see. (so that’s a plus one on their side) and with a great frame.

You can look Ah-MAZING. but when you love makeup – like myself – and I know a lot of people like me, I hate when my eyes are foreshadowed by my glasses, or when foundation sticks onto them, or even when mascara flakes start blocking my view. So today, I’ll talk about how to wear your makeup in a way to let you keep them on, rather than wearing lenses (cause sometimes they’re a pain).


#1: Use a Volumizing mascara and not a Curling Mascara

Why you may ask? Super curled lashes will just hit your glasses

#2: Go heavy on the roots of your lashes, rather than the tips.

This is an amazing tip, cause it gives you the illusion of falsies without actually wearing one. Love it !!


#3: Yellow-tinted concealer ALL THE WAY

Frames cast shadows under your eyes. So yellow tinted concealer will counteract this. just remember to BLEND!


#4: Glasses frame the face, and brows frame the glasses

Get out your pencil, gel, powder, or whatever kind of brow product you have and get those ladies looking fine. Untamed brows can make your glasses overpower your face, or worse, draw major attention to your less than groomed fuzz-fest.


#5: For a minimalistic makeup look when wearing glasses:

  • A light base color eyeshadow for the entire lid – from lash line to brow bone
  • A medium color for the lower lid – from lash line to crease


We Love eyeliner!! Even if we mess up a few 1000 times, it’s the most bold-awesome thing ever!!

#6: Match your eyeliner to your frames:

  • thick frames: thick eyeliner
  • thin frames: thin eyeliner

Plus, line both lash lines while wearing glasses

#7: if your frame is delicate:

Don’t wear too much makeup with it. Stick to a pastel or nude shades. but that doesn’t mean wearing no-makeup. Most women think that their glasses will hide their eyes on days when they don’t feel like wearing any makeup, but in fact, they only draw more attention to them


Experiment with different colors, Bold colors whatever you want, and try it out.

You can either go for very stricking eyeliner color, or use an eyeliner brush to apply a bright eyeshadow on your lower lash line

#9: When in doubt, do a cat eye.

Cat eyes are great because you can create the shape you want your eyes to be. Keep the intensity of the line near the lashline though, but feel free to experiment with different angles and shape of the flick.


#10: You’re beautiful, so complement your bold frames with bold lips.

You don’t even have to wear anything else. Just put on the color that matches your mood and wear it with pride.

Here’s to “glasses day” no longer being the makeup equivalent to wearing sweatpants!

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