Every day College Makeup

I love makeup. I probably stated that before! When you think of make up, you might think Maybelline, YSL, Max Factor, Remmel, Anastasia Beverly Hills, or any of the high end products.. But the makeup is not only those products, you can also find great products at your local drugstore. It doesn’t depend on what you use, unless you feel good about it, and know how to apply it.

Rule #1: when doing your make-up, BLEND!!! otherwise, you’ll look like a clown. Even I have been in such a situation, but then I would remove it all and go bare-faced. (Au Natural)

Rule #2: Don’t break your bank! If you can’t afford it right know, wait a month or so. It won’t go away. There will always be stock somewhere on the world! ( I talk Sarcastically sometimes! SO bear with me)

Rule #3: Just let your imagination go! You want to wear dark lipstick, wear it! If you want to try your hand on trying colorful eye shadow! Do it! Just feel good about yourself with whatever you do! Because you are beautiful inside and out!

I’ll continue these rules in other posts later on, because I’m committed to this beauty blog now! So let me get into today’s topic. EVERYDAY MAKEUP!

You see those girls on Instagram that do their everyday makeup as if they’re going to a gala. The truth is, NO ONE HAS TIME IN THE MORNING TO APPLY PILES OF MAKEUP ON OUR FACE! The best thing is finding a routine that suites you, and follow it. I’m just here to give an extra opinion.

My morning routine starts with

  1. Clean my face with Garnier Micellar Water.
  2. Applying Nivae moisturizer (because now in the winter, my face goes dry due to the cold
  3. * Add Primer. (My sister got me PY2 Primer + SPF 15)
  4. I grab my cleaned Beauty Blender (the egg-shaped sponge) and add foundation (Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (AhMAZing) or Art Deco) onto it and blend it on my face.
  5. * Use concealer as highlighter and try to highlight my face with it
  6. Add bronzer with a bristled brush or beauty blender onto cheek bone hollows.
  8. Samoa Eyeliner (liquid). If a winged liner works from the first time then fine by me. If not keep it as is, because better safe than sorry later on.
  9. Mascara. Am using Youstar Mascara. IT’S AMAZING!!!! *Swooning*
  10. Lipliner: It’s ESSENTIAL cause even if the lipstick wears out during the day, it’s stays on.
  11. * Lipstick: Fill in over the lip. My fave is NYX. But don’t go overboard or Beesline lipstick

* If I have enough time in the morning

This routine usually takes me between 10-15 min more if I mess up a lot.

Here’s how I usually look like:

Sorry for the bad quality. I took it with the selfie camera.

Lots of love

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