2015 is about to end…

2015 is about to end. 2015 brought with it a ton of good and bad memories to share. But memories are not only meant to be shared, they’re about keeping them to ourselves and loved ones.

2015 brought me a ton of friends and experiences. It made me grow up more than I thought I would. It made me realize what really mattered. I loved, I hated, I cried a lot & I laughed way more than that.

I’m not gonna write a sappy post. Am gonna keep it short and simple. Am gonna write of how I GREW UP. Time makes a person grow up and forget and forgive the past. As I approached adulthood I went into a seriously horrible phase of ignorance and turning into a rebel. I met people I never regret meeting since I learned a lot. And people I wish hadn’t approached my life. So to keep things short, thank God I met all these people and NOW I’ve forgiven them.

So last year, has been an important milestone in my life.

  • I met a lot of inspirational professors; with whom helped me reach my goals.
  • I found out my true passion of sustainable development and environmental management.
  • I figured out what styles work for me (fashion wise) – I gained a fashion sense; better now then later.
  • I lost the weight and maintained that weight loss.
  • I did my first interview at a medical company. (Don’t ask me to explain!! PLEASE)
  • I never gave up although I quit sometimes.
  • I learned that true friends never leave you behind, even if you don’t talk your friends every week.
  • I learned to be proud of yourself even if you make mistakes
  • No one can change my dream except myself
  • Family comes firs
  • Earn the respect you deserve, nothing really does come easily
  • Love is a mutual respect; never forget to say I love you to that special someone. And be ready to give up your heart 1000%
  • Give gifts, it’s good to make someone smile.
  • Don’t smoke, I’m still out of breath even after 6 months of quitting (although I was never a heavy smoker)
  • Forgive all those who hurt you. Life is to short to hold onto grudges.
  • Never regret any desicion you make. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON

And last but not least, my MOTO in life is:

  • Fake it till you make it.
    Fake confidence till youfeel in the right place

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